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Eyewash Stations, Portable:
Pressurized and/or Self-contained

Did you know:

  • Unsterile additives add bacteria such as E.coli to the emergency eyewash station tank.
  • Eyewash flushing concentrate is not sterile (concentrate included with portable, self-contained emergency eye wash station).
  • The most important component to insure clean eyewash water in the portable, self-contained emergency eye wash stations can now be sterile.

New Treatment: iPreserve™ Sterile Water Preservative or Additive or Eyewash Flushing Concentrate

  • The A-Med brand called iPreserve™ is sterile.
  • iPreserve™ is certified antimicrobial effective eyewash flushing concentrate.
  • iPreserve™ is sterile and certified effective.

Eye Wash Stations, Bottles:
Personal full of eyewash

Did you know:

  • Chemical burns cause 54.5% of the lost time eye injuries?
  • 3 of 5 competing brands of eye wash read:
    Caution and Warning: This product should not be used on broken skin. What's in your eyewash station?
  • Eyewash bottles with eye cups re-circulate the "used" or contaminated rinse solution eyeball socket, or trap it under the eyelid. Are your employees at risk?

New Multi-Purpose Eye Wash: Neutralizer™ Eye Wash + Skin-Rinse

  • Multi-Purpose Eyewash: The A-Med™ brand Neutralizer™ is a new & unique antiseptic skin-rinse with Polyhexadine PHMB - a powerful yet safe antiseptic - that targets and kills bacteria on contact + an eyewash with high-buffer capacity agents, Isotonic, and sterile Saline flushing solution to remove any foreign material.
  • New Bottle Shape: Neutralizer™ bottles are a slim design for single hand flushing (1 of 2 hands required to open eyelids).
  • New Quicker-Rinse Design: Neutraliser™ bottles with ¼ twist 'n pour tab for a quicker rinse in about 3 seconds.

The Origin

In February 2004, under the Ontario Business Number 1602041, A-Med incorporated as a Division of 1602041 Ontario Limited. A-Med brands are produced per these two Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 13485:2003.

The Need

In 2012, the A-Med™ management team recognized a need for products in the Medical/Surgical, and First Aid markets based upon developments of the past decade. Canadian suppliers were not current.

Occupational Health & Safety organizations, worksite injury analysis from Labour Unions and Ministry of Labour (frequency and cause), plus medical professionals in wound care management, collectively improved both the formulae and delivery devices available in first response First Aid.

Now you have options previously unavailable in Canada. A-Med's formulae offer the latest products used internationally.

Treatment is Our Focus

Our focus is on treatment, not prevention or personal protection equipment (PPE). First Aid treatment follows an injury, First Aid does not prevent an injury, prevention is the task for PPE.

Did you know:

  • You will find a free self-audit form, on the following pages and in the knowledge Centre, to help you assess your preparedness to treat a caustic burn on broken skin or in the eye.
  • What's in your First Aid kits, and stocked in your wall stations for eyewash? To review is to prepare.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes risk-specific Guidelines.
  • See our Knowledge Center for FAQ's and more.

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