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Eyewash Stations, Portable:
Pressurized and/or Self-contained

Did you know:

  • Unsterile additives add bacteria such as E.coli to the emergency eyewash station tank.
  • Eyewash flushing concentrate is not sterile (concentrate included with portable, self-contained emergency eye wash station).
  • The most important component to insure clean eyewash water in the portable, self-contained emergency eye wash stations can now be sterile.

New Treatment: iPreserve™ Sterile Water Preservative or Additive or Eyewash Flushing Concentrate

  • The A-Med brand called iPreserve™ is sterile.
  • iPreserve™ is certified antimicrobial effective eyewash flushing concentrate.
  • iPreserve™ is the only brand that is sterile and certified effective in Canada.

Eye Wash Stations, Bottles:
Personal full of eyewash

Did you know:

  • Chemical burns cause 54.5% of the lost time eye injuries?
  • 3 of 5 competing brands of eye wash read:
    Caution and Warning: This product should not be used on broken skin. What's in your eyewash station?
  • Eyewash bottles with eye cups re-circulate the "used" or contaminated rinse solution eyeball socket, or trap it under the eyelid. Are your employees at risk?

Industry Background

All markets experienced huge changes in the past decade with mergers & acquisitions, manufacturer closings, imported pharma & ophthalmic products denied entry due to sterility issues and regulators redefining Drugs and Medical Devices + starting a new Class called Natural Health Products. All Medical Device registered eye washes are being transitioned in 2013 to Natural Health Products identified as NPN products.

Caution and Warning

What's in your eye wash? Are you prepared for an eye injury with broken skin or only if the skin is intact? With acid in your eye, will you even "see" the condition of your facial skin?

  • 60% of the eye wash brands are labeled Caution and Warning: "This product should not be used on broken skin". December 2012.

License and Certification

In May 2012, Health Canada licensed A-Med's eyewash (NPN80032394), the only Canadian wash formulated as a skin-rinse and an eye wash.

iPreserve™ is the only sterile and certified antimicrobial effective on the market.

Did you know?

  • 100% of the water preservatives supplied as an accessory with emergency, gravity-fed, self-contained, portable emergency eye wash stations are unsterile, February 2013.


The Food & Drug Administration advises that all such preparations (if they are not sterile) fall below their professed standard of purity and quality and may be unsafe. Informed medical opinion is in agreement that all preparations offered, or intended for ophthalmic use, including preparations used for cleansing the eyes, should be sterile. (FDA vs. Bradley Corporation August'11) N.b. Bradley Corporation discontinued their unsterile preservative KleerSight™.

To assist your review of the portable, self-contained emergency eye wash stations on site please use our Self-Audit Form and FAQ's. Keep in mind locations to known high risk work areas, consult the OSHA regulations if unsure or ask for guidance. It takes less than10 seconds to do irreparable damage to your eyes, to your ability to see. To cover the time it may take to move a victim to an ambulance, away from the eyewash station always keep at least 494mL or 16 fl oz size bottles of eyewash handy.

Visit us next month for an up-date to your obligations if filling empty eyewash bottles. The lack of complete and accurate information in the marketplace impedes your efforts to ensure compliance with Health Canada and the Labour Standards.

Download Self-Audit and FAQ's (PowerPoint Presentation)

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